Between field recording, electronic and acoustics experimentation: pimp is reaching a climax.
Layered soundscape, field recording, collage, instruments, programs: all of this could be part of Pimp.

> releases

Pimp releases are all freely available on Nowaki-music netlabel.


  • Out of the pre-pack
  • Spiessrutenlaufen
  • Air-off the dogs
  • Still a while
  • Liar
  • Stuxnet
  • "Im Sack und Asche gehen"

The Devil Art

  • Shagreen
  • The Devil Art
  • Something fleeting
  • Somehow you love me
  • The user is doomed to die (when it shrinks to Zero)

End of Purity

  • End of Purity
  • From Zero
  • Anymore
  • Anti

Last War Again Nature

  • Climat Gate
  • Bohuslav (version 2)
  • The clearing
  • Démocrature (derrière le voile bleu de l’horizon)
  • Pwofitation
  • M.T.R. (Mountain top removal)
  • Vagina dentata (toute une humanité sans gloire et sans triomphe)!

Putlet Kaputt !

  • My life in the ghosts of Bush
  • The very end of the United Nations
  • Putlet Kaputt !

The time that remains

  • The time that remains: take 1(to Suzane Morère)
  • The time that remains: take 2 (live@lePlacard12 - 2009-07-26)

The Wedge

  • Intelligent design
  • Publicity and opinion making
  • Of pandas and people

From Heaven

  • From Heaven (for André)
  • From heaven (for Seb)

From Hell

  • Polar bear
  • Acide Hyaluronique
  • Capesize
  • Forget about Congo
  • Quntixing shijan
  • Araser
  • Another new face in Hell
  • Bonnes intentions