lakaFILZ#018: conversion mini open-air

Conversion mini open-air
Location: Bassinplatz Potsdam
Time: Friday 30th July 2010 - 9:00 PM
  • b. steinbutt - dj (nutempo, edress / Postdam)
  • waterway - live (nutempo / Postdam)
  • lakaFILZ - dj (braindub / Toulouse)
  • bill bélen - vj (electriedress / Potsdam)

No audio record, it remains a 'live' experience...

I have been really impressed by the set of 'waterway', an amazing live set with deep bass and great rhythm structures.
Listen to his music here.

One hour after my dj-set, we went to a ping-pong track battle with 'b. steinbutt' until the end of the party at 1pm.
It has been super fun!!!

I have been using 'TraktorPro' in 2 decks mode with a 'BCD3000' and a custom 'touchOSC' template for iphone to control deck's effects.
I have also been running 'Ableton Live', synchronized with 'TraktorPro' and connected to an ipad to trigger sounds.
It has been running up to two hours without any issue (wifi network stable, no application crash...): the 'live' test has been successfully passed.
Hopefully I will find time to present more in details this configuration.

I am really thankful at the organization and all these lovely persons who have make this party possible