lakaFILZ#017: "more bass!"

Here I continued the bioMusic exhibition event: "SENSES 09" with a dj set.

Sound check went perfectly fine but I faced a critical crash with my mixing software 30min before the gig!
After different attempts (re-install, reset settings...), I admitted it: it will just not work at all!

Nevertheless and as always: the show must goes on!

So I decided to improvise, I checked my bag and started to play funky music tracks.
I am quite sure no one noticed the transition with the dj before who ended with similar grooves on turntables.
Ok, on track now, let's twist it a bit with some loops and rolling beats!
20min later: I looked up at the audience and noticed I could no longer see the bar: allright, the crowd is on the dancefloor: it is confirmed, it works!

Later on, the sound engineer came to me:

(sound engieneer): "hey! you should put more bass!!!"
(me): "WHAT???"
(sound engineer): "JUST PUT MORE BASS!"
(me): "?! ok I got it and I will do so! Thanks!!!"
(me, in my head: "check out your console dude, that will turn red and hot soon!")

... never heard that before... normally it's the other way around.
I was astonished and pretty excited to raise up low frequencies on demand.
I ended up this set really happy as lot of people were dancing while having fun.

Unfortunately only the last 30min of the mix has been recorded...

I still have difficulties to start recording on time... I am working on it!